The Girl

Hidden away
in a deep dark wood
lives an odd little girl
who is up to no good.

Her hair is in tangles
the color of stone;
her eyes are like sapphires–
her name is unknown.

Although often content
in her cold netherworld
this odd little girl
began to grow bored.

Without the diversions
of a book or a bell
our strange little orphan
began conjuring spells.

Now, in her defense,
how could she know?
That those nonsense words
would fester and grow?

Evil awakened
and quickly slipped by
his rage flew like daggers
from red beady eyes.

Destruction compounding
like flames in a fire–
our girl caught in the maelstrom
of mischief and mire.

The wood was ablaze–
its creatures lay dead.
At the foot of our orphan
lay a deer, with no head.

And when it was over,
the blood thick like plaster,
Evil strolled towards our girl
like a pup to its master.

He bowed deeply before her
in a low, humble bend
and our orphan discovered
that she now had a friend.

These two, for the most part,
keep hidden away,
but when days grow too long
they come out to play.

So beware when you travel
past the deep dark wood
because you might find a girl
who is up to no good…

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