Walk with you

I like to look along the ocean,
to find the place where blue meets blue;
If I could just swim far enough,
perhaps that’s where I’d find you.

Or walking through a garden, too,
while marveling at the blooms,
I inspect a gentle petal
in case it bears a note from you.

Standing outside in early Autumn
when a cold wind chills my bones,
I look to the sky and pray you’re there,
I’m so weary of being alone.

Some believe another world lies beyond our own–
but I know naught will wake the dead.
You loved to be in nature, though, so
I’m content to walk with you, instead.

My goal for this year’s NaPoWriMo is to 1) actually write a poem a day, and 2) work more on rhymes. I’m a huge fan of free verse, but I like the idea of forcing myself to treat this more like an exercise in writing.

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