Peaceful Protest

I shudder at the fury
our differences have wrought;
I’m saddened by the hatred
dispensed without a thought.

Are we so different, you and I,
that words can not resolve
the arguments surrounding us,
will our conflicts not dissolve?

This chasm that’s between us
wasn’t made by you or I,
and yet we cling to it instinctively
as though in letting go, we’d die.

This fire all around us
was started long ago
but we faithfully add timber,
and stand transfixed before its glow.

The world will end in fire,
and maybe then we’ll realize
we aren’t so different, after all.
The smoke will clear our eyes.

And in those last few moments
as we’re struggling for air
the dragon that’s consumed us
will crawl back into his lair.

Our world reduced to ashes,
He’ll know his job is done–
We’ll realize we’ve been fools, us all,
Each and every one.

Not quite sure how to end this, so it’s a draft. As I said, I want to work on rhymes, but it all sounds so immature. I’ll just keep on keeping on…

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