A pattern of dark days
and lonely nights.
A friendly bartender.
The never ending glass of wine.
The tab?
Taken care of,
he answered with a wink.
A dirty couch.
The nondescript hotel room.
One man?
A hazy trip home.
The darkness.
The headache.
The nausea.
Self doubt.
Whether she was forced
or unconsciously acquiesced
is a matter of semantics.
A rose is a rose,
and all roses have thorns.

Time Departed

I am time departed.
A late summer day
when the dark clouds of autumn
lurk in the distance.
I am loss and heartache.
I am ineptitude and despair.
I am the schoolyard bully–
teasing and taunting.
A cruel reminder of the promises to yourself
that you failed to keep;
the empty promises you will continue to make.
Your burning hopes and dreams
smoldering into ashes–
dancing wildly in the cold winter wind.

New blog. New me. A new attempt to write thirty mediocre poems in thirty days for napowrimo. My husband’s response to this poem? “It’s gloomy.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but he didn’t say it was awful, so I figured I’d go with it. 

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